A cold city

The weather in Saskatoon has been rather cold over the past few days, even by Saskatoon standards. Cycling to work is getting more challenging due not only to the drop in temperatures but also the lack of any snow-clearing infrastructure in the city. This morning, Ryu and I stumbled upon an unfortunate casualty of the city and its freezing temperatures: Frozen Coyote

This poor coyote was found behind a building in Kinsmen park, peacefully curled up for warmth but frozen solid. I called animal services and they said they didn't do that sort of thing, so I was referred to Saskatoon sanitation services instead, who said they were on their way to take care of it. I don't think Ryu knew what the dead coyote was; I hope he didn't. He likely assumed it was just like all the other stuffed animals / inanimate objects that bear an uncanny resemblance to his own kind but don't move. To him it was just an artifact. To me, it was beautiful, tragic, and very real. Scores of animals die all the time, especially here in the national parks, but here's one, tangible, immediate, unavoidable, apparent, flawless, right in front of me. Somehow, it mattered more because it was here and now and in my face. At any rate, it was an odd way to start a Monday morning.

Biking to work, I also saw a taxi blow a red light and T-Bone a car into a lamp post. After making sure everyone was OK, I got to the office, where I was the only person there because everyone's away on meetings or vacation. This has been a strange day in a strange month in a very strange year. "May you live in interesting times", though not a real Chinese curse, definitely carries weight with me these days.


Monday, December 24th, 2012
shannon's picture

What a wild start to the week!

The coyote does look like it simply curled up and went to sleep. I know in the wild, death is death and there is no mercy or relief from suffering so it's as natural as it gets but that is sad to have stumbled across.

When my first dog died, my cats went nuts and tore the house up, knocking stuff over. But perhaps that's because they were in relation to her and could sense my grief.  Maybe with a wild animal they don't know or "care"

I wonder.

Take care biking home today


Saturday, December 29th, 2012
stevenmansour's picture

Hi Shannon,

Yeah, it's different when you expect it, but we tend to grow complacent and think our cities are immune to the laws that govern the wild. When we're confronted with them at unexpected times and places, it affects us in strange ways.

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