Catalytic Communities - Rio Raffle 2010 | Monday, July 26th, 2010

Please consider buying a raffle tickets for a free trip for 2 to Rio de Janeiro, in benefit of Catalytic Communities, an organization on whose board I sit and which I support down there working to guarantee communities have a voice in the lead-up to the Olympic Games. Please help me reach my goal by buying a ticket by Sunday August 1st. Each ticket is only $10, while the trip is valued at $2500 and includes flight for 2, bed & breakfast in Ipanema for a week, and community visits. Click here to donate and buy tickets.

$10 buys a chance at a trip for 2 to Rio de Janeiro (raffle ends August 1, 2010).

Catalytic Communities' Executive Director, Theresa Williamson, presents Rio Raffle 2010: your chance to win a trip for 2 to Rio de Janeiro (flights, bed & breakfast in Ipanema, 3 blocks from the beach, and favela visits included)! For only $10/ticket you'll be funding our unique social media trainings while winning a chance to visit. Our goal? To guarantee a direct communication channel with every favela in Rio (up to 1000) by the 2016 Olympic Games, thus ensuring their stories are told, and their fate is increasingly in their own hands.

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Come and take a ride with me... | Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

A short video of me taking the motorcycle around the barrio on a cold, windy, cloudy day - probably one of the last rides of the season. It's mid-October and I'm still riding, though, so I suppose that I should give thanks to the weather Gods.

The Kodak Zi8 is mounted to the GT250's handlebars with a clever combination of a mini-tripod, tie wraps and prayer. I need to build something better to resist vibration, and find a better mounting point that at least shows part of the front of the bike.

The video is sped up 2x for brevity's sake.

Go directly to the Vimeo page to watch it in 720p HD fullscreen.

Music: Bran Van 3000 - Supermodel