A day in Montreal, One

It was a Tuesday morning, a couple of weeks ago, and it was one of the most beautiful mornings I can remember so far this winter. As I walked to Le Dépanneur Café, the biggest snowflakes you've ever seen were lazily making their descent to the ground. L'Esplanade street was mostly deserted quiet except for me and the crunching of the snow beneath my Columbia boots. Four or five hours of work fly by me like doves until my good friend Elizabeth walks in.

Benoit, the owner, convinces us to buy the CD of his newest musical crush - Erin Lang. I went ahead and paid the paltry $10 for it, while Elizabeth contents herself with a green tea cupcake, also made by Erin Lang that morning. I took a bite. It was pretty good.

I sometimes wonder what parts of my life I'll look back on with fondness in my later years. We tend to morph, twist and deform places, people and things deep in the recesses of our memories, warping proportions and exaggerating emotions. Whenever I listen to Erin Lang, maybe I'll somehow manage to remember the day where giant snowflakes fell on the plateau only to be destroyed under the heel of my even giant-er boot, worked on my laptop for many many hours and ate a dozen green tea cupcakes.

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Friday, February 26th, 2010
eliz Robert's picture

 !!!! Je trouve ce post juste maintenant!!! I guess it's a sign I've been OVERly busy these past few weeks... aaaaa I am alll mellow again. It was such a lovely morning and I too LOVE Erin's muzik n cupcakes... Look forward to building more memories tomorrow night AND next Wednesday. 


Éliz http://reverbnation.com/elizrobert  More details: www.nochesdepoesia.com

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