UNEQ (Quebec Writers) retort.

(via CultureLibre.ca)

UNEQ, the main author lobby in Quebec, has issued a severe position paper, attacking user rights in the copyright debate. Here is the link (document in French only):

Specifically, they target the eroding of moral rights, the rise of strong fair dealing interpretations for commercial research and education (including publicly available materials on the free web) as well as the lack of Internet Service Provider (ISP) liability for infringing content passing on their networks. This last point includes institutions that provide Internet access, such as universities and libraries.

Some trade groups are namely blamed for pushing the “user rights” agenda to the detriment of Quebec authors, such as: CMEC (Council of Ministers of Education, Canada), CARL (Canadian Association of Research Libraries) and, yes, the Supreme Court of Canada.

As well, they have issues four demands: (a) to reaffirm moral rights; (b) to ensure that the creator has a stake in the economic life of their creations until the end of the protection given by law; (c) to make sure that article 29 of the Copyright Act (fair dealing for private study and research) excludes uses that are for profit; and (d) to answer the education sector’s wishes without broadening the scope of existing exceptions (they ask for an extended licensing regime for paper and online content).

User groups have yet issued a response to this.