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The Escapist - Reliable Source: Mac Vs. PC | Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Hilarious Mac vs. PC article by Marion Cox on Escapist Mag.

I suggested that she go buy a $15 wireless router rather than spending $100 on an expensive Apple gimmick. She told me that collage-boy refused to use anything but Mac products because of Feng Shui, apparently it went better with the cheap Ikea furniture.


She would ask me if $2500 was too much to spend on a computer; I died a little inside when I realized that Apple computer would cost more than my last car.


As my homebuilt PC came down, the Mac snapped; the extremely expensive machine cracked open, guts spilling from its disemboweled chassis. Clearly, PC was the winner in this particular fight. Screw you, Justin Long.

P.S. - I am writing this from a VIA Rail train, with free wifi in every car. Welcome to the future [sic].