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COTD - Chat Of The Day: Jetpacks | Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

[12:17:33] Steven: I think i may have slightly hurt my back at the gym last night.
[12:17:43] mir: uh oh Steven...
[12:17:59] … you are going to need a bed on wheels to get around soon.
[12:18:08] Steven: Just a bit sore, not a pull or a disk or anything.
[12:18:20] … Bed on wheels? No, I want a jetpack.
[12:18:30] mir: Well they only give jetpacks to the able bodied.
[12:18:35] … sooo
[12:18:46] Steven: That's discrimination.

[12:19:01] mir: No it's practical.
[12:19:22] … they are not very widespread thse jetpacks.
[12:19:36] … so only people who are capable of great heroics get them.
[12:19:45] … not people who are going to use them to go to the store for milk
[12:19:58] Steven: I know... can you believe this shit? It's friggin' 2008 and there's not a jetpack in sight.
[12:20:39] mir: They were supposed to be ready by 1967.
[12:20:52] Steven: It's the stupid government holding out on me.
[12:21:17] mir: Yes that must be it, you should write a letter.
[12:21:34] Steven: I tried that for the Facebook thing and it led nowhere.
[12:21:50] … We need to elevate this.
[12:21:52] … I mean escalate.
[12:22:04] mir: Yeah but this is different I think the government workers would also want jetpacks.
[12:22:33] Steven: They don't need them, they sit around in front of their computers all day.
[12:22:54] mir: But they wish they had them.
[12:23:10] Steven: It's about need, not want, Mir.
[12:23:14] mir: Besides don't you sit around in front of your computer all day? You think you need a jetpack.
[12:23:31] Steven: Listen this is not about me, ok? It's bigger than just me.
[12:24:52] mir: No it isn't though, that's what's so sad.
[12:25:09] Steven: Sad? I'll tell you what's sad.
[12:25:19] mir: That you have no jetpack??
[12:25:49] Steven: That we're going out of our way to deny mobility to those who need our help.
[12:26:17] Steven: We have the technology to create jetpacks for every child - OJPC.
[12:26:33] … But Stephen Harper don't care about injured people.
[12:26:36] mir: you forgot a 'p'.
[12:26:56] Steven: Jetpack is a single word.
[12:27:24] … Anyways I don' think you're taking this seriously enough; I'm gonna get back to work before I get angry.
[12:28:29] mir: okay
[12:28:39] mir: Maybe get a pair of rollerblade?
[12:28:55] Steven: do you remember what happened to me last time I tried to skate?
[12:29:03] mir: oh right ~ awkward.
[12:29:18] Steven: Way to open up old wounds.
[12:29:18] mir: But see maybe a jetpack is a bad idea??
[12:29:36] … just stick to your bike/foot/wheeled vehicle situation.
[12:29:38] Steven: No, I can balance myself on a jetpack, it's just left and right thrusters, like a starship.
[12:30:03] mir: let's just leave it for now, you're angry and you aren't thinking straight.
[12:30:10] Steven: ok
[12:30:18] … but we'll come back to it at some point in the future.
[12:30:30] mir: Yes in the future when there are jetpacks.