More Mac vs. PC...

mac vs pc

'tis funny 'cause 'tis true! ;)

(((relatedly, anyone far enough from the echo chamber to notice how ridiculously bullshitty their "performance charts" are? No matter that previous Macbooks were, for all intents and purposes, basically unable to run Call of Duty 4 - the "New Macbook" does so 6.2x faster! Last time I checked, 6.2 times zero is still zero. Forget that my two year old Dell still has a better video card than any Macbook Pro on the planet... form over function. Apple really has become the Chrysler of computing.)))


Sunday, December 21st, 2008
PintoZ's picture

You know what?
My macbook pro with 9600m GT 512mb ram runs call of duty 4 just great, and it weights an half of your dell, and also my battery goes up to 5 hours compared to your 2-3 hours.
Don't forget also all the other details that make a macbook pro better than your dell that I don't even list.

If you would have a macbook or macbook pro once, you'll just forget any other notebook.

Sunday, December 21st, 2008
stevenmansour's picture

Well, I don't really care, since I can't stand OS X.

Besides, I just sold my Dell (for quite a lot) and bought a T500 Thinkpad. I used to be a Mac user too. Those days are gone.

Use whatever you like. :)

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