Productivity Music Podcast (PiMP)

The past 3 weeks will be remembered as the time where I spent the most time in front of my computer I ever have - including pulling several sleepless nights - a feat hopefully never, ever to be repeated again.

This is it? This - the Internet generation - is the glowing future stalwart of humanity? What you call your collective unconscious, I call collective uninspired.

You are not original, you are not inventive, and you are certainly not innovative. You are not smarter, better, more unique or more imaginative than anyone who came before you. You are just a blip on the radar of history, to be quickly forgotten as the bump in the timeline that tried to fool humanity into thinking that cyberspace was a real place and that we'd solve all our problems sitting in our shiny domes; computerized humanity.

You will not live forever, there is no such thing as 'cloud computing', you will not become a cyborg, the Web is not a frontier, you are not pioneers. You are not heroes; there are no more heroes. They all died out a long time ago.

To ease the pain I will try and remember this period with the rhythms that were militantly blaring through my headphones all the while. In this podcast are 5 of them from 2009, beginning with Montreal's Champion:

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