ISCWN 2008

The International Summit for Community Wireless Networks is an annual global conference that brings together many of the greatest experts in the world on wireless networking technology, information activism, and community empowerment. The National Summit for Community Wireless Networks distinguishes itself from typical technical and academic conferences by engaging all participants in an ongoing dialogue that encourages a strategic approach to community wireless network development and spectrum policy reform. Panelists will not simply present their own work and opinions -- they will also serve as facilitators of a process that records lessons learned and produces a comprehensive "to-do list" of action items for the coming months and years. While three days may not be long enough to develop a truly comprehensive strategic plan that everyone can agree to follow, this Summit represents a significant opportunity for thinkers, developers, and stakeholders to produce substantial recommendations for the future success of community wireless networks. The Summit is, in essence, a gathering of leaders in the field and an opportunity to shape the future of this movement. I'm not involved in the community or municipal networking scene much at all anymore, so I'm mostly going to this to hang out with colleagues, coworkers and friends, like Sascha, Dharma, and Alison, and everyone from Acorn.