CCA Science and Tech Mindmap

This past Saturday, I have the opportunity to moderate a very useful discussion about community and online collaboration at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

This is a rough mind map of the questions and answers that we tossed around. Clicking the thumbnail will bring you to the large .png image, but editable / open ascii, html, latex and MS Office versions are attached, as well as the original kdissert mind map.



Friday, December 5th, 2008
elizita's picture

Hi there,

Now this is the most AWE SOME thing! I was totally despaired to not be able to attend, as this seminar was key to many questions, ideas and reflections I've been carrying for so long. The fact that is took place simultanesouly during something (the one thing a year) I cannot move... was heartbreaking. But now, with this (dunno if it is super popular and I am the only one or so to have never seen a mind mapping like this before) is pure genius! I gathered so much in reading it that I almost feel like I've been in the room with you guys! Only thing missing... relationship building = putting faces on names I've read about and of... Imagine if you guys allowed a photo to feature next to your name... and tata! Nous aurions été là.... sans y être!


Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
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I am reading this old Clay Shirky article right now on Social software he's got a great line:

The world's best reputation management system is right here, in the brain. And actually, it's right here, in the back, in the emotional part of the brain. Almost all the work being done on reputation systems today is either trivial or useless or both, because reputations aren't linearizable, and they're not portable.

I think it applies to what we were talking about re professionalization vs personal networks.

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