Gas theft in Laval reaching epidemic proportions

warning sign

The Laval police, in cooperation with the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute (whose website makes me cry), have begun slapping these warning stickers on gas pumps across the city. They read:

Driving off without paying is filling up your tank... with problems!
By distraction or intentionally, some people leave the gas station without paying.
They will be prosecuted in court.

In the booming city of Laval, near Montreal, several people a day drive off without paying, prompting some stations to post guards at the pumps. Police have created a new category of crime called "gas theft," after "pump and run" incidents in Quebec City surpassed 1,000 last year.

Another interesting issue is gas theft from individials - cases of gas being siphoned directly from a car's gas tank are at an all-time high. Locking gas caps are sold out at automotive parts stores across the province.

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