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CIA Chief Resigns | Friday, May 5th, 2006


From BBC:

Porter Goss ("Porteur de Gosses" for my french-speaking readers), pictured here with he and George Bush being fondled by woolly mammals, is resigning from the CIA. As always, Bush brings another one of his brilliant quotes to the table for this historic event:

"Porter's tenure at the CIA was one of transition, where he's helped this agency become integrated into the intelligence community, and that was a tough job."

Errr... see.... ummm... huh... uhhhhh... what? Porter helped the CIA become integrated into the intelligence community? The CIA was the intelligence community - what Porter did was help "upgrade" the agency into a mob of yes-men to tell you exactly what you and your cronies want to hear. One of the surefire signs of any democracy making the casual slide to fascism (and of any one man's contemptible hubris that he alone has The Answer) is when the Lider Maximo begins to shut out any sounds of criticism from his entourage, whether by violently silencing his detractors or by simply ignoring them. Saddam did it, as did Stalin.

Welcome to visitors from | Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006



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