Took the words right outta my mouth...

Look, FlickR, I completely understand your commercial reasons for doing this, but I don't trust Yahoo. You were once a groovy little photo club while Yahoo is way, way into massive datamining. I don't want to belong to Yahoo any more than I'd want to belong to or googlemail. Of course I'm already aware that Yahoo is combing all those tags and photos looking for something they can sell me, or sell about me --- but my refusal to join Yahoo! served as one small political indicator that I rather like FlickR and don't like invasive Web 1.0 behemoths. To have Yahoo imperially dictating these measures to me doesn't make me like Yahoo any better. It would cost Yahoo NOTHING to allow me to sign in by another method; the fact that they insist on my reduction to yahoo-hood is a tactless indicator of their bad intent.

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