More Mac vs. PC... | Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

mac vs pc

'tis funny 'cause 'tis true! ;)

(((relatedly, anyone far enough from the echo chamber to notice how ridiculously bullshitty their "performance charts" are? No matter that previous Macbooks were, for all intents and purposes, basically unable to run Call of Duty 4 - the "New Macbook" does so 6.2x faster! Last time I checked, 6.2 times zero is still zero. Forget that my two year old Dell still has a better video card than any Macbook Pro on the planet... form over function. Apple really has become the Chrysler of computing.)))

Politics, or NFL showdown? | Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

presidential debate advertisement on CNN
Says so much about the state of affairs, don't it?

Click here to read the profiles of SPINECRUSHER and DRILLMASTER, the two biggest, baddest trucks around!!!!!111111eleven111\\\\\\

From Mobile, Alabama -
Live on Sportsnet!

Actually, that would probably make American politics more interesting and relevant.

Side note: I love how their graphic design department was told very carefully to have the exact same amount of blue and red in the ad ("Three words? Ok - make 2 of them blue, and one red, but make the red line underneath longer, ok?")... the painstaking level to which they try to go to 'appear' fair and balanced with drivel such as this instead of spending time 'reporting the news' blows my mind.