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Assholes are bullshit | Friday, May 5th, 2006

Assholes are bullshit:

One of the funniest, most depressing, most eye-opening and most honest rant about the history of internet pornography and the mind-warping effects it has not just on our youth, but on everyone.


I can barely remember what life was like Before Internet Porn (B.I.P.), when it was good enough to huddle under the covers with a copy of the Swimsuit Issue, enthralled at the mere outline of a nipple; to steal a glance at some kid's coveted copy of Hustler magazine, maybe fish a mildly hardcore video out of the trash (Big Black Dicks in Little White Chicks, it might read)--when wanking at least required some imagination. Nowadays you're always one slip of the mouse away from Paris Hilton doing double anal, or enemas, or Pr0n, the kiddies call it.

Damn, just read it.