Podcast Seven


In memoriam, victim(s) at Dawson College, 13/09/06.
Disturbed - Land of Confusion, Bush - Distant Voices, Shinedown - 45, Tool - Vicarious


Thursday, September 14th, 2006
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Dear Steven,

Even at a distance, I thank you for these words... from my office I could oversee the events and my colleagues... many have kids, brothers, nephews there... it was a gut crushing day! Memories of previous events (Columbine, Polytechnique, Concordia) all came back.

A day later everyone is still in chock... but I am touched and moved to see how much people gathered quickly to offer comfort, Concordia with a 24 hour service of psy available for all friends, students, staff and family for free. Counselling... words of love and understanding were being sent live.... as the events unfolded.

The songs you chose depict well various view point, the different rythms help release the varous emotions... anger, grief, sorrow, frustration of WHY,...

I sent a link to a friend (he saw his friend hurt by a bullet and helped her out of the school.. while bleeding). He said he liked it a lot.

again, thanks for this memoriam....

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