Photoshop running under Wine / Linux

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Photoshop running under Wine / Linux

I finally got around to setting up Photoshop 7 properly - everything seems to be working. Not only that, but this is the fastest I' ve ever seen photoshop - filters don't "progress", they happen. Instantaneously.

I had some trouble with "Save to web" initially, but I found a fix for that (it was a pathing problem).

The window placement still seems a bit wonky (photoshop windows don't respect the viewport), but that's not a big deal at all for me.

I'd like to try and get Photoshop CS2 running next (I'm stuck on an "invalid serial number" error - even though I have a valid serial). It's not that GIMP doesn't work the way it should - it's an awesome program and I'll continue to use it. There are just a couple features that really matter to me in Photoshop that aren't there (yet!) in GIMP / GIMPShop. When my needs are lightweight, though, I'll probably still be loading up the GIMP instead of Photoshop.

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