World Of Warcraft under Linux / Wine

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World Of Warcraft under Linux / Wine

I'm probably the only person who finds this 'so much teh awesome', but here is the windows version of World Of Warcraft, running inside a window, inside WINE, inside AIGLX / Beryl, inside Ubuntu Linux.

As you can see, OpenGL windows - including WINE "compatabilitied" ones - support the full range of Beryl / Compiz desktop effects, such as wobbly windows and transparency.

Also, the WoW config file is called ""... brilliant.

Now... time to uninstall before I get addicted.

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006
Ron's picture

Hey there,

could you please explain how this was done? or point to documentation that shows how to configure Beryl & WoW to run together. This is amazing!