About This Site

This site is part of my research concerning media autonomy and self-sufficiency on the web. I've attempted to create a package that affords me the same flexibility as the sum of most of the media-publishing web tools out there, such as Flickr (photography), Blip and YouTube (video), Odeo (audio) and del.icio.us (bookmarks).

The main drawback to self-hosting all of these services is, of course, the loss of the integrated community provided by the centralization and sharing of everyone's content on the same system (Flickr's commenting, favorites and tagging systems being wonderful examples of this). I hope to limit this by clever use of syndication feeds, categorization and cross-referencing between content types.

The "outgoing" section contains videos I've created, photos I've taken, podcasts I've made and blog entries I've written. These are all self-hosted (on a commercial service, albeit one involved in promoting open-source software, thereby "doing good" in my book) using open-source ("free") software. The simple taxonomy of "video, photo, podcast, blog" defines the content types, all of which are hosted on my server space.

The "incoming" section contains content from others - videos that I've watched, photos I've liked, podcasts and music I listen to, and links, blog entries or articles I want to remember. These are mainly feeds or APIs from the aforementioned hosting services, except for the "link - blogs" category, which is set up very much in the same way that del.icio.us is - only locally.

All of this is made possible by the open-source Drupal CMS, the open-source Gallery2 photo gallery, the free Performancing for Firefox blog editor plugin, and the Ecto desktop blogging client.

Lots of people have asked where my old splash page for stevenmansour.com went. Well, the images are still on the "About Steven" page, but you can also see the splash page itself here.

The gorgeous icons I'm using are actually from the gnome icon theme "Vista Inspirate" by Saki.